Sheep and wolves full movie

Language: english
Format: mkv
Quality (pixel) : 720p
Size: 600 mb
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Film Story : In a mysterious faraway land, in a pleasant little town settled among green glades and moving slopes, carries on a rush of lighthearted sheep. Be that as it may, their peaceful and tranquil life is hindered when a pack of wolves sets up camp in the adjacent gorge. As per antiquated conventions, the resigning pack pioneer Magra reports that his future successor must demonstrate his entitlement to lead by vanquishing his adversaries. At the point when the capable and savage Ragear ventures forward, the main wolf overcome enough to test him is Gray, the pack’s top pick, yet a sad blockhead. To wind up distinctly a pioneer and win back Bianca’s adoration, Gray goes off into the forested areas, where he finds a camp of Gypsy rabbits. The crystal gazer rabbit Mami gives him an enchanted “transmutation elixir.” Gray beverages the mixture and backpedals to the wolves’ sanctum, yet discovers upon entry that he has been changed into… a slam!
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