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Film Story : Ozzy, a well disposed, quiet beagle has his untainted life flipped around when the Martins leave on a long and inaccessible outing. There’s just a single issue: no mutts permitted! Not able to bring their dearest Ozzy curious to see what happens, they settle on the following best thing, a top notch canine spa called Blue Creek. This photo culminate put ends up being a veneer built by its contemptible proprietor to catch pooches. Ozzy will soon wind up in the genuine Blue Creek, a jail for pooches, keep running by puppies. Ozzy should stay away from threat and discover quality in his new companions, Chester, Fronky and Doc to get away from the jail and return home securely. The account of “OZZY” intends to follow in the strides of films which utilizes Pixar-like quality and fun. “OZZY” is an enlivened comic drama enterprise motion picture focused for children of any age and speaks to family diversion getting it done. The story itself is based, altogether, around pooches. “OZZY” falls into the “jail motion picture” type with clever tributes to the colossal jail
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